Race Days

Club Calendar

The Club races on the 4th Sunday of the month.  If the race day is cancelled due to rain there is the possibility of a rain check day the following Sunday.  Our Facebook page will advise or contact the committee to find out more.


Race Day


Arrive early to set up, sign in and get through scrutineering.  It is important that you do NOT start your engines prior to the scrutineer signing off your kart.  The scrutineers do not like burning themselves on hot exhausts or motors.

Drivers Briefing

Drivers Briefing is at 9am and racing will begin shortly after.

Race Schedule

Usual race order starts with Junior A, B, C, Senior A, B, C and finishes with modified.  This order is repeated but the races are run in the opposite track direction.  A break for lunch and the process is repeated. At the end of the final race, there is the option for new drivers / juniors to be given some training and the opportunity to drive around the track at their own pace.

 Helping out

All club members are expected to assist with the race day.  Flag marshalling is essential and we cannot race without covering the main marshal positions.  You will be given time to get back if your race is next.  No race will start without sufficient marshals in place so if you see a position empty, please head out and take your turn

If you are new to marshalling, talk to any committee member to get instructions and training.