Racing Flags x
A. Flags in use – Definitions
GREEN OR AUSTRALIAN FLAG – Starting flag – Race commences at the drop of the flag.
YELLOW (stationary) – Caution – Reduce speed, no overtaking.
YELLOW (waved) – Extreme caution – Reduce speed quickly, no overtaking.
YELLOW and RED (1 of each) – False start – Return to the start line for a restart of the race.
RED – Race stopped – Slow down and stop where you are. Turn motor off.
BLACK (Displayed with board with kart number on or pointing at kart) – Bad sportsmanship –Return to pits.
BLACK and WHITE (chequered) – Race completed – Winning kart has completed race, returnto pits on next lap.
BLUE (stationary) – Faster kart close behind.
BLUE (waved) – Faster kart close behind – Hold line and let kart past.
WHITE – One lap to go.
BLACK FLAG WITH YELLOW DIAGONAL STRIPE – Mechanical fault – Return to pits.
BLACK FLAG WITH ORANGE DOT – Warning for bad sportsmanship.
LAPBOARD – Indicates the number of laps to go.